Comfort Family Room 49.8m2

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This room has 4 large beds, suitable for 3 generations in one.
A bathroom and a washroom are separately built, especially 2 washstands are fixed. It is helpful in the busy morning time. Washstands and night tables are luxuriously useful for make-ups. This room has various usages depending on the guest members.

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Number of persons per room
4 to 5
Bed size
124cm × 203cm
Bed sharing
A child under 6 years old is allowed. (One child per bed.)

Amenities and equipment

Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Face&hand soap / Toothbrush (for Adult) / Towel (Bath towel, Face towel, Hand towel) / Hairdryer / Hairbrush / Razor / Cotton swabs / Shower cap (order system) / Slippers / Night wear (for Adult) / Electric kettle / Tea set / Air purifier (with humidification function) / A toothbrush (for child) / A kids night wear (100-130cm) / Kids slippers (2 pairs, 22cm) / Step stool


Baby crib (for an infant under 10 months who does not stand holding to on to things / up to 5 beds available) / Bed Guards / Bed wetting pads / Kids night wear (130-150cm) / Auxiliary Toilet seat / Diaper pail / baby soap

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